v1.4 Released

We are pleased to announce the immediate release of DeckBooks v1.4. This version contains new features, improvements and rewrites of areas such as equipment and digital document signing. We have also tweaked DeckBooks to improve performance by up to 20% throughout.

This upgrade made us change a lot of code in a lot of places in preparation for our next major release v1.5, but here are some highlights of v1.4:

Digital Document Signing v2.0
The whole digital document/contract signing using DeckBooks has been completely rebuilt as it’s own module and integrated back into the core. By doing this we have improved performance as well as improved tracking of signing status and because of this we have added a new widget which lets you view an overview of your outstanding unsigned documents.

Equipment Items v2.0
The equipment section has also had a behind the scenes rewrite to improve performance and lay the foundations of some pretty exciting new features coming in v1.5.

Integration with Internet Explorer and Windows 8
DeckBooks now has the ability to integrate with Internet Explorer via the pin to taskbar function as well as tile support for Windows 8.

System Performance Improvements
With this release as well as rewriting sections to improve performance we have also gone through various sections within DeckBooks tweaking performance to keep DeckBooks running at the fasts speed you have come to expect.

+ Lots more…

For a full changelog click the DeckBooks link at the bottom when logged into DeckBooks.

All users have been upgraded to v1.4 automatically and we look forward to hearing your feedback about this release.Please report all issues to our issues forum.

v1.5 development has now started which will bring custom subdomains, new premium add-ons and lots more features to keep your business organized. If you have any ideas or suggestions for future releases feel free to submit them to our feature tracker.