Monthly Archives: June 2014

v3.0-BETA details and more…

You may be wondering why there hasn’t been any new announcements or updates recently. The reason being is that we are developing the next two versions of DeckBooks side by side as well as setting up a dual BETA testing environment; our valued testers will receive their beta access e-mails within the next couple of weeks once automated testing is complete.

Which is a minor feature release bringing new SmartTags, improved Session Engine, new Tag Replacement engine, MyEventPlanner integration with SagePay, integration and much more.

v3.0.0 is due for beta testing soon and brings a responsive interface across the admin system which scales to the device you will be using such as a mobile phone (Android, iPhone or Windows Phone), tablet (iPad, Galaxy Note) or desktop computer. By using a responsive interface we can give you the exact same features as the current desktop version without having to cut down on features for a mobile app version.

As well as the new interface v3.0.0 will be running on 4 brand new servers (each server has 8-core CPU’s and 8GB RAM) utilising PHP 5.5 running in strict compatibility mode. This new platform also brings performance increases across DeckBooks as well as new features and enhancements which will utilise these new servers *cough*PDF generation*cough* as well as some new features we have been working on which we cannot wait to announce once v3.0.0 is released ;-).

Stay tuned for screenshots of DeckBooks v3.0.0 running on an iPhone…