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Goodbye v1.5, Hello v2.0

Over the last year DeckBooks has grown in leaps and bounds both feature wise and the huge surge of telephone enquiries from new users. Firstly I would like to thank all of you for choosing DeckBooks for managing your business and making what it is today.

Over the last 6 months we have added extra server capacity and rewritten many parts of the code to better perform with our ever growing user base. Due to the amount of changes and new features we have decided to scrap v1.5 and push our v2.0 of DeckBooks which we have been working on locally and in secret since the release of v1.3 in November 2012.

v2.0 has hundreds of new features as well as running on a new codebase which will expand on our current module system as well as allow you to work alot more efficiently and brand your whole DeckBooks experience for your clients. I cannot show anything at this point in time but I will keep posting regular updates when major features become complete and are ready for public viewing.

Some of the new features for v2.0 have already been previously announced for what was v1.5 such as custom branded domains, payment gateway support and website integration. Yes they are all still coming but bundled in v2.0 which we will slowly be rolling out to beta testers for feedback and refinement as development progresses.

For now enjoy v1.4.5 (which was released today), and if you have any questions or concerns on v2.0 feel free to post on, but we can guarantee you will all love v2.0 when it becomes publicly available later this year.

v1.4.5 Released

Firstly we would like to apologise for the delayed release of v1.4.5, this is due to it having numerous backend changes and foundation updates ready for the next release which will be a very significant update with hundreds of new features as well as the usual improvements.

v1.4.5 contained mainly foundation updates, bug fixes and performance improvements. This release contained:

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