v1.4.5 Released

Firstly we would like to apologise for the delayed release of v1.4.5, this is due to it having numerous backend changes and foundation updates ready for the next release which will be a very significant update with hundreds of new features as well as the usual improvements.

v1.4.5 contained mainly foundation updates, bug fixes and performance improvements. This release contained:

New HTML Editor v2.0
We have updated our WYSIWYG HTML editor throughout DeckBooks. The module has been rebuilt from the ground up with all bugs that were reported fixed and more streamlined.

New E-mail Engine v2.0
We have also thrown out our old e-mail engine which powered all e-mail sending from DeckBooks and have implemented a new and improved version which also improves your e-mail┬ádeliverability across the various mail providers such as Google Mail, Hotmail, etc…

System Performance Improvements
With this release we decided to backport our JavaScript and CSS caching systems from our future release to dramatically improve performance across DeckBooks.

+ Lots more…

For a full changelog click the DeckBooks link at the bottom when logged into DeckBooks.

All users have been upgraded to v1.4.5 automatically and we look forward to hearing your feedback about this release.Please report all issues to our issues forum.

Please stayed tuned for a huge announcement about the next version of DeckBooks within the next few days…